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Nonprofit Fundamentals

Dr. Andrea Nero
Nero Strategies

Andrea Nero leads Nero Strategies, a cutting-edge consulting firm, that's all about crafting bespoke strategies, coaching and organizational solutions that hit the sweet spot.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between for-profit and nonprofit business models to decide which may be right for them

  • Be provided with the tools to set themselves up for success, should they wish to start their own nonprofit organization

Dr. Andrea Nero is a highly accomplished consultant with a strong background in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Holding a PhD in History from SUNY at Buffalo and a Certificate in Organizational Leadership in DEI from Rice University, Andrea combines her academic prowess with her extensive professional experience to drive meaningful change. As the founder and CEO of Nero Strategies Group, she has successfully developed tailored programs to support start-ups and created a proprietary project management system that improves team productivity. Andrea's keen analytical skills were evident in her tenure as a fellow at both the Omohundro Institute and the American Philosophical Society, where she uncovered marginalized contributions and furthered DEI efforts in the field. With years of educator experience with US universities and the Rural Education Project for Chinese schoolchildren, Andrea has demonstrated her passion for education and fostering an inclusive learning environment. Her diverse skill set and commitment to empowering individuals and organizations make Dr. Nero an invaluable leader in DEI consulting. Andrea is currently affiliated with the Museum Studies department at Harvard University, where she is advocating for greater belonging for diverse groups within American cultural institutions.

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