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"Yes and..." Improv

Buffalo Improv House

Celebrate spontaneity in this fun and playful improv comedy workshop! "Yes, And" is an essential idea from improv comedy that can be applied to any situation where you're being creative with others. As improv comedy performers, we embrace the ideas of our teammates ("Yes") while also contributing our own ideas ("And") in order to create funny and memorable improv scenes. This attitude can be adopted by anyone who works creatively! In this workshop you will be active and on your feet playing improv games, acting as characters, and working with others in the spirit of Yes, And! No acting experience required!

Buffalo Improv House's Mission: "Our goal is to be a cornerstone of the improv comedy scene in Buffalo by offering world-class improv instruction, by producing high-quality improv shows, and by being a pipeline connecting Buffalo with the international improv comedy scene."

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