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Finding Your Brand Identity

Spicy Creative
Jeff Heras & Joe Babcock


Jeff Heras and Joe Babcock are the co-creators of Spicy Creative, a new marketing consultancy for visual artists. Their backgrounds in modern and digital marketing have already made waves in the Buffalo art scene in their work at BAM! and now they’re here to help CPX attendees develop social media strategies that are effective and engaging. Join this dynamic duo in a presentation and discussion about actionable tactics for impactful social media content including crafting compelling narratives, styling your merchandise, community relationship building, and more.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Gain powerful insights into how developing a unique and identifiable brand can be an effective marketing tool

  • Begin the first steps to crafting their own brand identity

Spicy is a creative duo catering to arts entrepreneurs & businesses of all kinds. Our purpose is to help brands tell their story through innovative marketing strategy and cutting-edge content.

About Joe Babcock: From a young age, Joe was fascinated by the arts and its ability to spark curiosity and push boundaries. This led Joe to pursue an education in design, ultimately landing him in creative roles where he developed campaigns for lifestyle brands, artists and arts organizations. Now, Joe uses his instinctive ability of visual storytelling to help artists and brands connect with their audiences. Spicy represents what he’s always aspired to do; using his talent to elevate the arts.

About Jeff Heras: Driven by his inquisitive nature and inspired by journalists and documentarians, Jeff harnessed his talent for writing and storytelling to seek a career in Journalism. While his goal was to document the human experience around the globe, Jeff adapted his skills into the world of marketing. Throughout his career, Jeff has refined his skills to fit the demands of the digital landscape and provide clients and organizations with digital and content strategies that creatively humanize brands to their audiences. For Jeff, Spicy represents the freedom to pursue his goals of experiencing the stories that are held by the world around him.

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